Saturday lunch is where you find it; some  exploring is necessary! Suggestions are: Gelly's,  Bogus Creek or The Stockholm Pie and  General Store in Stockholm or the  Pickle Factory in Pepin or, if you can wait long enough, the Harbor View in Pepin offers fine  dining indeed. Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast require meal tickets; see  the next paragraph.

To provide an accurate count of Nutters and funds for the Eagle's Nest, Saturday  dinner and Sunday breakfast is pre-paid via meal tickets. Upon registration, let  me know how many extra friends or family are in your dinner/breakfast party. Tickets will be distributed  at check-in.

Saturday dinner is 5-7:00 PM at the  Eagle's Nest Coffeehouse; cost of meal ticket is $20. Vegan option is available; please let me know.

Sunday breakfast is 8:00 AM at  the Eagles Nest. Breakfast will be served buffet style along  with buckets of hot tea and coffee. Cost of meal ticket is $15.

Sunday lunch is again on your own. My recommendation is to join the Brew-Up;  brew-your-own tea on a vintage camp stove down by the waterfront and find appropriate treats in Lake City.

"There are those that rue the day they were not there."  -Kit Spackman