What to Bring


  What to bring:

  • A reliable 3-speed bicycle of English heritage. 4-speeds are OK too as long as it's a hub gear. If you don't know what a hub gear is, you probably have not read this far. Make sure it's tuned up, outfitted with the finest of kit and readied for the charge.
  • Camping equipment, if desired. 
  • Cash for food, tips and treats.
  • Rain cape. Make sure it smells of musty canvas and don't use it to cover your potato bin. Don't ask.
  • Camera and/or binoculars.
  • A vintage (or modern) camp stove and/or treats for the Brew-Up.
  • A lovely old lump of briar for the  Light-Up.
  • A cycle touring story. 

"No need to hurry, unless the bakery is about to close."  -Ron Grogg