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Brew-Up and Light-Up

New for 2008 and a smashing  success every year is the Lake City  Brew-Up. Join the Nutters with your vintage camp stove and enjoy a Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit-Down  in Ohuta Park along the waterfront. Be sure to bring your favourite biscuits,  cake, clotted cream, jam or ham. Ohuta Park is at the end of Chestnut or Walnut  Street.

Yes, there are rules: In keeping within the spirit of riding through England in the '30s, your kit for  the Brew-Up should be hauled upon your Trusty Steed.  (Also because the 3-Speed Lorry may not be there.) Perishables like milk, butter  or other treats may be purchased anywhere you wish. Judging is done via 2  categories: 1/4 menu, 3/4 presentation. We will not time the brewing process. Hint: the key to a cracking presentation is artwork; the winning  couple in 2010 displayed an original watercolour painted during the tour at  various scenic overlooks. The 2012 winners did a reading from a Jeeves and  Wooster play.

This little competition is quite good-natured fun and sharing of  your home-baked treats is strictly encouraged. Winners enjoy the adoration of  all and receive a stunning traveling trophy in the form of a Silver Jubilee  plate. Rules are subject  to revision and bribes are strictly encouraged.



For many years, we have  relished our stop at the Old Stone Wall in Old Frontenac; an idyllic spot for  photos and a relaxing chat. A new addition for 2014 is the Light-Up; bring  your fathers old Dr. Grabow  or your new Askwith  and have a go. Presentation is everything, of course, so plan on a nice bit of  kit and be ready to tell the tale. I plan on having my new Tom Thumb pipe on  display, perhaps with a new handlebar holder and a bit of roadside spearmint.  Actual smoking is not necessary, no judging, no pressure. On the corner of  Manypenny Avenue and Faribault Street. 

"The 3ST had an unexpected impact on my  cycling; it was as though I had been introduced to an entirely new sport. Quite  shocking really." -Mike Jenkins