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Fron the inner cover of the Tourbook:

"This little pocket  book is meant to be part queue sheet, part tour guide, part map and part memoir.  On each page you will find a listing of a town or attraction or a spot to write  your notes. In the middle you will find a map of the Lake Pepin area. All the  entries are in the same order as you will visit them on the tour. Feel  free to write in what you see, what you’ve learned, where you ate and, best of  all, what you think about the Bay City Hill. You will also find illustrations  from the 1937 Raleigh Cycles catalog. Store this book in a safe spot when you  get home and when you come across it ten years from now you’ll stop dead in your  tracks and read it again."

"It's cycling as it used to  be and it's cycling at its best: pure, simple and spectacular." -STO