Touring in the Old English Tradition


  English  cycle touring in the 1930s was punctuated with many stops for food, water, tea  and sometimes a pint at the local  pub. Scenic overlooks were an invitation  for a brew-up or a nap in the grass and were seldom missed. For weekend tourists, traveling  light was the order of the day and most people simply carried a change of  clothes and rain gear. Devoted club cyclists of the 30s also enjoyed "pass storming" and  "rough stuff" cycling. Fast forward 80 years or so and it still makes sense.  

Our judgment may be questioned by modern standards but that doesn't mean we will suffer on this tour.  If you choose to camp or if you bring an extra duffel, your gear will be transported  in the 3-speed lorry so  all will be traveling light. 

There are many small villages with bakeries, coffee shops and even the [Lord] Nelson Cheese Factory. We do our best to hit them all. The Wisconsin side is  peppered with scenic overlooks, historic markers and vistas to rival Old Blighty. Again, we intend to hit them all. If one gentle walk up the Bay  City Hill isn't enough, we have other highly recommended optional routes that  will add more pass storming and a bit of rough stuff to your résumé. The Lake City  Brew-Up will provide a relaxing and fortifying moment. At the end of the day  we will gather at the local pub for a reflective pint or two but don't get the wrong  impression; we are not bar-bashing but simply enjoying the moment.

"We have all day to arrive at our destination so let's not spoil it by showing up early." -STO