May 16 & 17, 2020 CANCELLED! Contact me for the interesting alternative


 This is, without question, the most memorable  cycling event you'll find. Why? It's simple: time travel. If you are with us  next May, you will be cycling through the Golden Era of English cycle touring:  the 1930s. 

The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour is based on cycle touring in pre-war England.   It was a gentlemanly time; few people owned a  car and recreation based on automobiles was extremely limited. To get away for the  weekend they would pack a few things, mount up, and head to the country. Most  every farmstead had refreshments or a room to rent, every little village had a  family-run restaurant; just look for the “Cyclist Teas” or “CTC Recommended”  sign. It’s a romantic image to be sure but firmly based in reality. It’s a  reality that is fairly easy to reproduce given the right scenery, equipment and  most important: attitude. One cyclist in a thousand will understand what I’m  offering and that person, as you, will glaze over and say “I simply must go!”.

To gain a better perspective, here is a list  of things we leave behind: derailleurs, lycra, target heart  rates, SPD, SIS, STI,  HRM, XTR, etc. There will be no sprinting, spinning, drafting nor will there be  any carbon fibre, drillium, eludium or unobtanium. Please note we are not advocating being a retro-grouch or ridicule those  with alloy handlebars but instead we are asking you to strip away all you know  modern cycling to be and hop aboard your  £5 Thrift Store Raleigh and come with.  Leave your lycra and Johnny-Rebel competitive spirit at home and instead, bring  your sense of adventure. Wear something appropriate for eagle watching or  sitting in a café and bring an honest-to-goodness rain cape because, of  course, it rains in England. Be prepared to make new friends and be swept away  by the scenery. Be prepared to stop here and there to take a photo or complain  about your hard saddle or make an entry in your Tourbook. Be prepared to keep in  mind it's not the destination you'll remember but the journey. -STO

"If you do just one Bummel in your lifetime, make  it this one." -STO